erster Preis 2017, 5000 Euro - Cinzia Catania
erster Preis 2017, 5000 Euro - Cinzia Catania
zweiter Preis 2017, 3000 Euro - Gabriele Di Franco
dritter Preis 2017, 2000 Euro - Tobias Hoffmann
Preisverleihung JazzCompGraz 2017, Spezialpreis für Komponistinnen 2017, 2000 Euro - Anna-Lena Schnabel
Preisverleihung JazzCompGraz 2017, von links nach rechts - Tobias Hoffmann, Jakob Helling, Henri Lyysaari, Cinzia Catania (Publikumspreis, 1000 Euro), Rektorin Dr. Elisabeth Freismuth


First prize € 5.000,-  
Second prize € 3.000,-  
Third prize € 2.000,-  
Special Award for Female Composers € 2.000,-  
Audience Award € 1.000,-  

The amounts of prize money are stated as gross amounts. The amount actually paid out will be subject to the deduction of any taxes due in Austria, which have to be transferred by the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz directly to the tax office.

Additional Benefits

The finalists, chosen by our Jury, will be offered the opportunity to come to Graz from November 9 - 13, 2020.
All finalists will have the chance to attend workshops with the members of the Jury.